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When improved productivity is critical, we can help

We deliver full-service Lean continuous improvement consulting to organizations ready to raise the bar on quality and productivity–comprehensively and sustainably. With decades of local and international experience, our qualified team actively engages with companies from start to ‘optimal operational self-efficiency’. We develop solid Lean continuous improvement strategies: we assess, plan, budget, implement, train and mentor executive teams, managers and front line staff throughout the Lean deployment. Our goal is to transform your organization to sustainable greatness. Learn more about how Ultreia can help improve productivity.


Custom build services to meet your unique needs

Our team of Lean consultants brings a wealth of experience to the important task of continuously improving productivity to organizations that have set their goals on improving every facet of their business. We understand that the needs, culture and goals of each organization are unique, so we take special care to customize our work to meet your specific needs. We deliver both strategic and practical hands-on support throughout the critical deployment phases of Lean continuous improvement life cycle.


A comprehensive suite of solutions

As part of your organization-wide deployment of Lean, we provide the following support:

1. Assessment

Customized programs to meet your business needs

At Ultreia we do not believe one solution fits all. That’s why we recommend an assessment and consulting phase, working with you to gather data, understand your needs, and build consensus among your leaders around your goals. Learn more about Lean assessments.

3. Lean Training

Lean training organization wide

A critical success factor of Lean deployment in your organization will be ensuring every employee is trained to understand and execute the basic principals of Lean, and you have a quorum of Lean leaders fully trained, as well as Lean leadership trainees within the business. Learn more about Lean training.

2. Lean Deployment

Partnering for success

As skilled navigators of Lean deployment, we partner with you to integrate the Lean continuous improvement methodology into your organization. It is a process that requires discipline and dedication, and our participatory style means we will work closely with you every step of the way. Learn more about Lean deployment.

4. Mentorship & Coaching

Practical support when you need it

Our Lean experts have successfully piloted Lean deployment in a variety of settings, scales and industries. We appreciate the challenges and struggles that change can bring to all organizational levels. That’s why we are available to offer practical mentorship to help you through the process. Learn more about Lean mentorship.

Building stellar teams of Lean experts

Our focus is building internal Lean expertise within your organization by developing Lean experts at every level. These new experts will take a leadership role in educating others, driving change and owning outcomes.



Lean: A productivity tool that transforms mediocrity to greatness

Lean production is a world-renowned problem solving methodology and business solution. The primary objective of Lean is to eliminate waste while maximizing customer value. It’s a transformational tool that promotes organizational success on many levels including improved and highly efficient system processes, increased employee engagement and empowerment, and enhanced value to customers. When embraced systemically, organizations experience astounding shifts that propel them to meeting their goals and achieving greatness. Learn more about Lean.

Lean Terminology


Five steps to workplace organization to achieve greater order, efficiency and discipline. Derived from the Japanese words: seiri (sort), seiton (set in order), seiso (shine), seiketsu (standardize) and shitake (sustain).


A method of root-cause analysis used in problem solving in which the question, “why?” is asked repeatedly until the root cause is understood.


Go to where the action occurs and see it to understand it. A gemba walk is a purposeful attempt to learn what is really going on.


Relentless reflection on past conduct and results to learn and take action. A hansei huddle is a short five-minute team meeting with a simple agenda and three questions:

What went well?

What can we improve?

Who needs help?


The literal translation is good change. A kaizen event is a focused team effort enabling continuous improvement to increase the effectiveness of an activity and to produce more value with less waste.


A visual sign triggering an action. The approximate translation means, “card you can see.”


Waste or any activity that uses resources but creates no value to the customer.


Plan-do-check-act cycle or Deming circle/cycle/wheel refers to a four-part management method that is the framework for continuous improvement. The PDCA is made up of the following steps:

Plan–choose a process and set objectives

Do–implement the plan and begin collecting data on the results

Check–analyze the results

Act–decide what changes to make to achieve your set objectives.



We are a team of productivity and process improvement experts specializing in Lean continuous improvement; additionally we are project management professionals. Our expertise stems from extensive experience in financial services and the trades industry.

Derek Nakamoto

Principal Consultant
C 778 991 3587
E dnakamoto@ultreiaconsultng.com

Derek Nakamoto, founder of Ultreia Consulting Group Ltd., has spent more than twenty years working at the forefront of designing and implementing impactful continuous improvement strategies for organizations around the globe. A pioneer of Lean continuous improvement deployment in the service industry, Derek has helped organizations realize up to 40% bottom line cost savings through collaborative process refinement, combined with improved customer experiences, and enhanced employee engagement. His passion inspires highly engaged and motivated teams; he generously shares his knowledge and has trained and mentored hundreds of employees who have become avid Lean practitioners. Learn more about Derek Nakamoto.


Associate Consultant
C 778 288 7791
E tcrow@ultreiaconsulting.com

Toni Crow has 20 years’ experience working with organizations to improve business processes, with emphasis on customer service, sales, and internal service. Toni is passionate about business systems and processes supporting organizational strategy, employees, and customers’ needs. Results include faster ramp up of new hires to productivity; doubling case solve rates and lowering case costs by 20%; growing customer satisfaction to 98%; and enabling entry-level sales teams to focus more on customers, increasing their quarterly sales by an average of 50%. Toni’s natural curiosity and inclusive, approachable style breaks down barriers and is a great fit in delivering expert Lean Facilitation services at Ultreia Consulting Group. Learn more about Toni Crow.




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